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Twitter - Available handles by Referring Domains

This dataset provides a list of potentially available Twitter usernames.

Twitter is a social network that has been active since 2006. In its 15+ years of service, thousands of accounts have been both created and deactivated. Deactivation happens either by users shutting down their profile, being blocked and banned by Admins, or by changing their username ("handle" in Twitter language). All of these options make a closed account available again after some time.

A Twitter profile behaves partly like a web page to Google Search: you can find it in Search Results. Google's SEO algorithm favors an URL based on its "backlinks": the amount of links providing from other websites.

You will find in this dataset a list of 1576 former Twitter profiles that are inactive, but receive backlinks from 60 to 4072 different websites.

  • Source URL: take the username (after the slash)
  • Response: confirms the profile is inactive
  • Domains: number of different websites sending links to this former profile
  • Last seen: last date when the used tool checked the URL status
Download Twitter - Available handles by Referring Domains.xlsx

Extract from the dataset

Twitter - Available handles by Referring Domains
Source url Response code Domains Last seen 500 4 072 2021-10-12 404 3 907 2020-09-26 404 3 652 2021-11-18 404 3 374 2021-01-29 404 3 335 2021-12-16 404 2 617 2021-08-19 404 2 317 2020-11-04 404 2 122 2021-08-08